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Preformance Conditioning

A calculated mix of traditional and novel strength and conditioning exercises, Conditioning Training is prided on its specificity as much as its difficulty. It produces fast and measurable results whether you're seeking muscle mass and definition or looking to boost performance in a particular sport or activity. It takes the best of all training methods and puts them into a truly comprehensive routine that's goal-specific.

Testimonials |

Mary | The only class that I have participated in that pushes you both mentally and physically.

Cory | "The toughest cardio class in the North land. Heavy stuff! But, well worth it, whether preparing for a fight, marathon or the beach."

LeAnn | I chose TPMMA becuz Nick is an excellent instructor! He pushes and motivates all at the same time. This is the only form of exercise I like and have stuck to. You leave tired but accomplished and that's a good feeling! Thanks Nick!!

Derrick |

"I like it to. Every Wednesday day my shirts seem to fit a little looser and i totally regret the weeks I can't make it!"




Twin Ports MMA “Conditioning” class is where it’s at! There are few things as rewarding and dynamic as this class. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level, gender or goals are, this class will push your limits and leave you feeling better about yourself mentally and physically. I signed up for this class fresh off the couch thinking I would not be able to “hang” with the TPMMA veterans in the room, but I soon found out it is not about that… Everyone is at their own level and no one judges where you are at as long as you are trying! Nick Sutton (the instructor) says all the time, “Don’t quit!” that is the only requirement, don’t give up on yourself! (and have fun!)
I cannot think of any other instructor led classes like the Conditioning class, the variety of workouts we do is mind blowing… Nick doesn’t let your body get accustomed to any given exercise; he keeps you guessing week to week… day to day… even circuit to circuit.  We use kettle bells, medicine balls, punching bags, sledge hammers, tractor tires, gi belts and the list goes on and on… Where else can you flip a tractor tire for crying out loud?!
This is by far the most fun, challenging and rewarding exercise class / membership I have ever had. I would never push myself to the level I do in Conditioning! I recommend this class to anyone who wants to try something different, something fun, something challenging and something so friggin cool that you have to tell all your friends, family and co-workers what you did at the gym last night! I never regret going to conditioning class… I only regret when I don’t go.

Thanks Twin Port MMA!
Corey Sanderson