Even | Student

"I joined the gym at Twin Ports Mma during my sophomore year of college. I had always been interested in martial arts, but I'd just never taken that extra step and went to a gym before. Right away I could tell that I would like going there because the people were very friendly and the training fit people of many skill levels. Not only did Nick teach me how to defend myself, but through the training at Twin Ports I discovered inner strength that I never knew I had. Attending Twin Ports Mma was a great experience for me and I would advise anyone in the area to look into going there. Anyone can gain from a membership here."

"Nick I never really got to tell you, but my stay with you guys meant a lot to me. Thanks for giving me such a great experience and giving me a place to call home during a troubled time in my life. It meant a lot."

Mike | Student

My time with TPMMA has been great! I have been training with TPMMA for a year and a half now and I have enjoyed every day. The coaches are awesome and very knowledgable. I have come really far in my training and have improved a lot. I would recommend this gym to anyone who wants to get a great workout, work on their martial arts, or maybe even begin competing!



Lusy | Student

I Joined the gym afew month ago, to get me better shape, feel good, help me relax. Also it helps relief some stress on my life, I'm so glad I join Twin Ports MMA!

Cory Wilson weighed over 250Lbs when he started at Twin Ports MMA and with over 1 ½ years of training he has lost almost 100lbs and turned his life around! His story is a true inspiration to people that are looking to turn their lives around and also to people that have goals that others think are unreachable.

Cory | Student/Trainer

"I was asked to write a few words about me before martial arts and after... I had been on a bad path for a long time. And the past few years, I had been trying to change things. Lived the partying life too long and did considerable damage to my body... I had given it some thought and had been "working out" a bit around the house. I had lost 25 lbs or so and was around 245 at the time. I was looking at gyms on the net and saw that these guys had a Royce Gracie seminar they were going to, I wanted to check this gym out. I called Nick up and he got back to me. Asked me what he could help me with and I said. "I want to be a fighter. I am out of shape now, but if I train with you, I want to fight." I don't even know where the idea came from, other than just the love of a sport and need for a hobby. Well, It's been a 'lil while, but in about a year I had lost 80 lbs and gained muscle mass at the same time. Now, when I fight as a welterweight, I weigh about 95 lbs less than my peak weight.
The whole experience, win or lose, is amazing. I am more confident in my daily life and it shows in the people who choose to surround themselves with me. Twin Ports MMA and all the people who are a part of it helped me to my goals and help me all the time to get better and to learn more about martial arts. I still have my problems along the way, but there is no doubt that MMA has helped me in dealing with all my struggles in life. My family, friends and I see it. I cannot imagine my life without MMA anymore. It's more than a hobby, it's a part of who I am. I am a fighter."

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